How to write a great CV – NOT!

Unusually, there is no vocabulary or grammar focus in this post, but it’s Friday! however, even just reading the article and watching the video is going to help improve your English with a little bit of practice…and don’t forget to vote at the bottom – it only takes one click! Stealing. Laziness. Hiding. These are NOT words that you usually use when you are applying for jobs. But that’s just what a British job seeker wrote on his brutally honest CV. Describing his previous jobs, he said that his work roles had consisted of ‘pretending to be on the phone’, ‘hiding at work’ and also described them as ‘disheartening’. Talking about his education, he described his Philosophy degree as ‘pointless’. However, he does mention his good points. He says that he ‘can lift more than it looks like I can lift’ and he is ‘free of all venereal diseases’. In his ‘Extra-Curricular Activities’ section (normally titled, ‘Interests’) Benedict Le Gauche says, ‘I like to close my eyes and pretend I am Darth Vader’. With over 2 million people unemployed in the UK right now, you definitely need something to help you stand out from the crowd with your job application. Benedict seems to have taken this to the extreme. Or maybe this is a spoof and he was trying to create a viral video. What do you think?     You can read Benedict’s CV in full here. Do you think this was a good way to get noticed? Or has he ruined his chances of ever getting a new/good job?   [poll id=”3″]   Have a great Friday and an ever better weekend!

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