How to speak English 2014 World Cup

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that everyone around the planet is watching the football world cup right now. Unfortunately, England have already been knocked out of the competition due to being rubbish! 🙂 However, do you know what to say in English when certain things happen in a football game? There are lots of different things that happen all with their own specific vocabulary. So, here below are the first 3 short films in SGI’s video series to show you how to speak English for the World Cup, so that you can sound like a native speaker. Of course, for maximum effect and 100% authenticity, when you produce these phrases, you should jump up and shout them out… as if you were at a football match amongst another 50,000 people.

How to speak English 2014 World Cup

How to speak World Cup English 1

How to speak World Cup English 2

How to speak World Cup English 3

  When you have learnt all this vocabulary, you should come and practise your English in London with us… then you will really perfect your language skills and help to improve your accent. If you get to the UK in July, for SGI summer school, there is still time to watch the semi-finals and final in the great London atmosphere. It will be a memory of a summer that will last a lifetime.   COME BACK TO SGI SOON FOR THE NEXT 3 VIDEOS IN THIS SERIES TO LEARN HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH LIKE A BRIT.

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