How do I make my English better? Watch the video and test yourself

Students always ask us teachers: How do I make my English better?  [How do I make my English better in 2 minutes?] It’s a bit of a vague and broad question and there can be a million different answers telling you how you can improve your English language skills. You could force yourself to learn by taking an English exam or go to London and do an English course. However, no matter what advice you receive, it all comes down to one thing: PRACTISE! Now wait! If you were hoping for some magic shortcut to fluent English, I can’t tell you that there is one, but my advice below will give you effective and enjoyable language progress, if you give it a try…. and it is very QUICK!!!


Whenever you watch an funny, cool or inspiring internet video do this little exercise below – it only takes 2 minutes of your time. There are 1440 minutes in every day, so be honest, you can afford to spend 2 of them making your English great, can’t you? 🙂 After you watch an excellent video (we all spend tooo much time doing this, don’t we?), make one or two English sentences that contain…

  • An uncommon, not everyday, adjective
  • A comparison (using comparatives or superlatives)
  • A phrasal verb
  • A conditional sentence

This is a great exercise because…

  • you are working your language brain hard for a short period of time = effective
  • you are forcing yourself to think of language that you do not normally use = broadening your vocabulary
  • it is related to something that you found interesting = motivating
  • The language means something to you and is relevant to your life = not boring learning
  • You don’t have to get English textbooks out and say “OK, I’m learning English now”, so this can become part of everyday life. Giving your brain SOME English work to do (little and often) is the best way to learn = very effective!

So, let’s do an example. We start by watching a killer video! 🙂

Time-Lapse | Earth from Bruce W. Berry Jr on Vimeo.


It’s easy to be blasé about being alive and to get too caught up in our own lives. But this video reminded me how stunning the world and nature is. If we could all remember this sometimes, the world would be a much more peaceful and happier place.



blasé, stunning


to get caught up in sth


more peaceful, happier


If we could all remember this, the world would be…

DO YOU KNOW HOW GOOD YOUR ENGLISH IS? Why not take our online grammar test to find out your level?

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