How can I learn new words in English?

Today on the SGI facebook page, I wrote a message to our students and followers…

How to learn new words

What is the reason why you don’t speak perfect English yet? a) Not enough time b) Don’t like studying c) Haven’t found the right teacher/school d) Not enough motivation e) Something else Tell us what your reason is. Maybe we can suggest something to help you start improving your English. Stella Mattiolo replied and she said, “Hello! My problem is my memory! Is there a way to remember words easily? Well Stella, yes, there is a way to remember new vocabulary that has been proven by scientific research.  


  You repeat the new word 6 TIMES. It’s as simple as that… BUT this must be done at different time periods. After you first read or hear a new word, find out what the translation is in your mother-tongue language.    


  Then REMIND YOURSELF what this new word means 10 to 20 mins later. Then do this again 1 hour later. Do it again 6 hours later. Force yourself to remember what the new word is the next day (24 hours after first learning it). It’s important not to look at your notes to remember what the word is, but to actually force your brain to remember without any help. Then do this again 2 days later. The sixth and final step is to remember the word ONE WEEK after first learning it.   Investigations in linguistics have shown that if you do this ‘delayed remembering’ memory exercise that the new vocabulary will be successfully stored in your long-term memory. Then you won’t have any more memory problems, Stella. So, try it and let us know how you get on with it. Good luck  

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