Studying in the UK

Homestay London

We have paid special attention to our homestay service guaranteeing students a comfortable and welcoming stay while in London. Besides our own list of inspected homestays, we also use two reputable homestay agencies both inspected and registered with the British Council.

London is divided into zones. Families live mostly in zones 2, 3 and 4, but a few live closer in zone 1. Students are advised to book as early as possible to guarantee their first choice of accommodation.

Category (London Tube Zones)Category A (Zones 1 & 2)Category B (Zones 3 & 4)
Time to schoolUp to 35 minsUp to 50 mins
B&B£220 per week£190 per week
B&B + 7 Evening Meals£255 per week£210 per week
Transport Cost£33 per week£47.30 per week
Accommodation finding fee£50
Surcharge for private bathroom£20 (subject to availability during summer period: Jun-Aug) (per week)
Minimum age16
Nearest Tube Station

*£20 supplement for Christmas/New Year Week

Homestay – What do you require from our host families:

  • The home must be clean and comfortable and enable the student to study quietly.
  • The family must provide a good breakfast and/or a good evening meal daily.
  • Families must be friendly and helpful giving students the opportunity to practise their English.
  • The location must enable students to easily reach the school by public transport

Please note:
London is a city of many cultures and this is reflected in the homestays we use. Many of our families have children, some have pets and some are single or retired. We always do our best to match the needs, requests and interests of the students with a homestay on the register in order to make your stay in London as enjoyable as possible.

Tube Fare London

The Tube plays a big part in the lives of Londoners, connecting people and places across the capital. Find out more about Tube Fares here.


18+ student
You must be studying for 14 weeks or more and have an 18+ Student Oyster photocard to get 30 per cent off 7 Day, Monthly and longer period Travelcards. European students only.

You need an Oyster card, bank debit card or credit card to:

  • Use pay as you go and daily price capping
  • Buy 7 Day, Monthly and longer period Travelcards

Becoming a homestay host

Cancellation Policy

  • With cancellations made 15 working days or more prior to arrival, monies paid will be refunded less an accommodation finding fee of £50. Refunds, where applicable, may take up to 14 days.
  • Fewer than 15 working days' notice before arrival and any time after arrival: no refund can be made.