Heavy Gold Bars, Golden Balls Bowling, Monday Drinks and Sexy Musical

Another week and finally it's getting warmer! Spring is definitely on its way, let's hope winter doesn't come back. I was asked this week why people actually live in London – or England – when the weather is so bad… My answer: The feeling we get when the weather finally turns sunny is amazing! Everybody's mood is affected, people become friendlier, things slow down a little, and the whole city goes out and enjoys the warmth. I can't think of another city where this change of mood can be noticed more. I guess this is one of the reason people stay here, and most of the students I spoke to this week seem to be affected too! Everyone was talking about it!

Anyway, what happened this week apart from the weather? On Monday it was Amy who took a group of twenty students to the pub and who bought the drinks. She chatted with Andrea, a Brazilian student from Rio, and as Amy recently came back from a 3 weeks holiday in Brazil, they chatted about the country. Then, closer to home, Amy gave a few tips on which sights were to be seen in London: She loves the London Markets and so recommended to visit the following two on Sundays: Columbia Road Flower Market & Spitalfield Market. She also told me about one Japanese students, who is studying business English, who was a real gentleman, helping her with the drinks and helping people find seats in the pub! She said it was lovely and was very impressed. On Tuesday Julia took a small group (5) to the Bank of England Museum, I guess banks are not especially popular at the moment! The feedback was that is was quite interesting, the highlight being the gold bars, which apparently are surprisingly heavy! Everyone had a go at lifting one, but no one managed! That's probably why the bank allows them to be displayed… Our next event this week was Bowling with Gavin. of the 12 people, 9 were Japanese students! Obviously fans of the sport! They arranged themselves into two teams: The Boys, and the Girls with Gavin (Is Gavin a girl??!) – And the Boys didn't want to talk to the Girls! Now, most Japanese students are fairly quiet in class, but it turns out that they can get very loud when outside the class! At every fallen pin, the girls would give a big shout, and they had lots of fun, although the Boy's team did win by quite far: Their lowest score was the Girls' highest!! The final score was around 800 to 500… Best player was Kohei, with 120 points by himself! Tonight Friday, Owen will be taking students to Chicago (the Musical in Covent Garden – not the US city!), let's hope it's a good show! It's a great discount anyway: £20 instead of £47! Also, tomorrow, Slava, one of our upper-intermediate students, will be meeting a little group in front of the school at 11am, to head to Portobello Road Market. Portobello is a really great place, but the market only takes place on Saturdays, and this makes it impossible for me to include it in the weekly socials, so thanks Slava, and I hope it's a success! Next week we'll have the usual drinks, with myself, then a Soho walk, a photography exhibition at the Museum of London, and a little treat: Afternoon Tea! Hope you join us, have a lovely weekend!  


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