Healthy vocabulary: McDonalds goes healthy, again!

This text is about the new McDonalds drink and staying healthy. Healthy vocabulary, or to be more accurate, several words related to beingy healthy are highlighted and explained at the bottom. Don’t forget to answer the questions at the bottom using our comment section. Yes, you heard it. McDonalds is going healthy, again! You may remember the film SUPERSIZE ME. It was about a man in good physical shape who ate at McDonalds every day. A month later his doctor said he was sick and had to stop eating Fast Food. After the film was made McDonalds started selling salads and even changed the colours of some restaurants to green.     McDonalds are now selling a new healthy fizzy drink called Fruitizz with their kids meals. Their menu has other food which they say is good for your health. This includes carrot sticks and mineral water. They want to help children eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetable every day so they can stay as fit as a fiddle. Many people say that Fast Food is bad for your body but as part of a balanced diet and with regular exercise, you can stay fighting fit. The problem is that a lot of Fast Food contains large amounts of sugar. For example, 100 ml of Fruitizz has 40 calories and about 10 grams of sugar. That is more than most fizzy soft drinks like Coca Cola. That much sugar is bad for your teeth. Children need milk because it has lots of calcium and helps their teeth grow and become very strong.  To stay in good health you should avoid eating lots of sugar because it can make you very fat. This is a serious issue in England and America. Children and teenagers are increasingly not fit and healthy because they don’t eat the right food or do enough exercise. They like Burgers, Pizza and playing computer games. Doctors always recommend us to eat the right things to stay in the pink. A bad diet can make you sick. We also need exercise to keep our bodies in a good condition or to be as fit as a butcher’s dog.

Healthy Vocabulary – phrases about being healthy

Healthy In good physical shape Good for your health As fit as a fiddle Fighting fit Strong In good health Fit and healthy Stay in the pink In a good condition As fit as a butcher’s dog

Discussion Questions

How important is staying healthy? How healthy is Fast Food?

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