Halloween Party and other socials!

Hi everyone! This week was rather exciting because we had the schools Halloween Party, but more about that in a moment! On Monday, Jemma took the students for a drink in the pub. Jemma told me that is was mostly her IELTS students plus a few other students! Jemma also said that they all had a great time and stayed for quite a while. On Tuesday Owen and his beautiful dog Jess took the students on a walk around the historic heart of the City of London.  They started at the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral and saw Roman ruins, modern skyscrapers and everything in between! The weather was actually great – so they didn't need their brolly! On Wednesday was the SGI Halloween Party! Myself, Jon, Hannah, Ben and Laura all dressed up in our scary costumes/ face paint to celebrate Halloween. I've attached a photo of us teachers. Some great photos were taken and I'll put them up in a separate blog post. The party started quite quiet, but it soon picked up! We had a fancy dress competition which Josh chose the winner! I hope all the students enjoyed themselves! IMG_1653 On Friday as usual is club night this time another Halloween Party! It's hard to beat a SGI Party, but if any students went I hope you all had fun! Next week I've planned more fantastic socials! Joining the Social Programme is a great way to meet other students and also improve your english! Danielle

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