Halloween 2010 @ Indulgence

Last Friday, the SGI Halloween 2010 party took place in a cool bar near Barbican Station in the centre of London. The party was organised and ran by Amy (Decoration & Face Painting), Dan (Music & Crazy Dancing), Gavin (the Calmer One – Socialiser) and myself (Jenny the Witch)… We also had a lot of help from Josh, the "Director of Studies" who just isn't like any other director…  From the feedback and the night's atmosphere, I believe it's fair to say that everyone had a really good time, students and teachers alike! During these kind of parties, students are usually very surprised at meeting their teachers outside the classroom and they get to know them a little better, and this is usually appreciated!    These are just a few pictures of the night and the great efforts made with the costumes…  WHAT PEOPLE THOUGHT:  Melissa our German Receptionist: I had a really good night, it was really well organised, and the best thing about the night was the fact that students and teachers were having a great time, together! However people started leaving too early (I was late…) Kana, Intermediate Students: I was so surprised to see so many crazy people! (students & teachers!) It was my first Halloween Party, as we don't celebrate this in Japan, and I enjoyed it very much!   Nurjan, Pre-Intermediate Student: It was a great party, I had the best time! And Josh is interesting…. (crazy…)   Amy, Star Decorator and Face Painter: Josh's "Oooahahahaha" resonated throughout the whole of Barbican… and actually… I think I can still hear it now! I'd also like to add that my face painting services are available to hire for parties, birthdays etc! Contact me on 0208….. Gavin, The Quiet One: Josh and Dan's dancing was like a scene out of a horror film! And I won't even mention the "Grease" remake!       Julia managed to avoid me and my camera somehow but she did comment: "Well decorated, really good costumes from everyone, and I loved the free Brain Juice on arrival!" Dan, Late Night DJ and Josh's Dancefloor Partner in Crime: I thought the whole night was bang-on! Everyone dressed up hellishly and the night set Halloween up like a bat out of hell! Josh, The One of a Kind Director of Studies: it was great to see so many students letting their hair down (real hair or wig!). Personally I loved getting down on the dancefloor and proving that I'm still "down with the kids!" Whatever you say Josh!! For my comment: I'm really glad that loads of students made it, that they enjoyed themselves, and I'm very happy with the way the evening went! – Can I better it next year???! Thank you to everyone who made it a great night! Please post your comments!

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