Green Walk, Drinks, War & History, and… Green Ogres?

Quite a mix this week! Well, as usual, on Monday we had the welcome drinks. We've recently started going to a new pub, which I have to say is really nice! The Adam & Eve on Wells Street (2 minutes away from the school!). Alex and I had about 20 people with us, and we chatted a lot to the French who were there, discussing French ski resorts, such as Meribel, which are being invaded by the British! Apparently, there are now clubs for local people, and special ones for the English ones! We also discussed how tiring it can be for students, when they have to speak English all day, think in English… Not tiring for your body, but very demanding for your mind! But it is the best way to learn!! On Tuesday, Owen took a group of around 15 students around the green areas of London. Green Park & Buckingham Palace (The Queen's London residence), Kensington Gardens & Palace (former residence of Lady Di) – they went past the Diana Memorial, and also, quite unrelated to the royal theme of the walk, they saw police officers removing a man who apparently was "extreme ironing" (yes, ironing clothes) in the middle of a busy street!! It seems that there is a movement going on, and people get photographed in strange places, doing their ironing (see picture)! Quite a fun thing to witness!   On Wednesday, Alex & I teamed up again and accompanied a little group to the  Imperial War Museum. In their exhibition, you can see old tanks, planes, motorcycles, all used in the different wars England has participated in. There was also an interactive exhibition on submarines, so the students had fun listening to the different sounds you would hear if you were in one of them, de-pressurising a cabin etc. Finally, we went and had a look at the Holocaust exhibition. Very dark, very saddening, and very complete. From Nazi uniforms, propaganda posters, concentration camps uniforms, pictures… to quotes from survivors or victims, and nazi officers. We felt quite down exiting the exhibition, but it was very interesting…               Last night was quite a different theme. After war, we lifted the moods with the musical version of Shrek! You know the story, Shrek the green ogre goes and rescues his princess Fiona, with his loyal talkative Donkey. Lots of fun, great costumes, great songs, and… a great price for a very recent and successful musical: £23 – Thanks Owen! The week is over now, a lot of students are going home, others will be back on Monday after a (hopefully) exciting weekend in the English Capital… So we'll be back next week with a great social programme! Stay tuned!  

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