Greatest Olympian Ever : Olympic Daily Pod 5

Native British English Speaker and SGI teacher, Bren talks to student Zsuzsanna about a topical point from the London Olympics everyday.

A very short conversation to help you improve your listening skills and broaden your vocabulary.

Remember to learn a language, you should do some work on it every day! Don’t try to make up for lost time at the weekend with hours of study. It’s better to do a little bit of daily work, rather than long hours of study and then nothing for long periods.

OLYMPIC POD SUBJECT: Greatest Olympian Achievement

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Olympics Podcasts

1. What do you expect from the Olympics?

2. What did you think about the Olympic’s opening ceremony

3. Isn’t gymnastics incredible at the Olympics?

4. Scandal in the swimming events with drugs

Olympics Word of the Day

1. Olympomania

2. Bonkers

3. Unbelievable

4. Farcical

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