Grammar: ‘As’ – Rules of Date Club

How do you use ‘as’ in English? Lots of ways! Look at the examples in the text and then read the explanations below in the grammar section.

A lot of students have told me that London is the best place to meet people. Although, finding friends is one thing and finding love is another.

However, in this huge city there is anything for anyone, and definitely someone for anyone. But, finding that person can be difficult, and going on that nervous first date can be very tricky – what do you say, what do you wear etc.

This applies not just to students, or Londoners, or foreigners, but to people everywhere in the world. So if you’re looking for love and have a romantic date coming up, try these rules of Date Club below…

But first let’s look at the rules of English Grammar about the word ‘AS’ that will appear lots of times:

“As” English Grammar Rules

We can use as in many different ways:

1. To give a reason: “As the opposite sex likes to be the focus of attention it, is good to keep the conversation on them”

2. To compare people or things: “You are just the same as him/her”

3. To describe someone or something’s job or function: “your life as a student”

4. To say that something happens while something else is happening (=when): “As your friend gets the drinks, you could be left alone with the other two”

As a bonus, here is a cool song, ‘As‘ sung by George Michael & Mary J Blige. The original version is by Stevie Wonder, but as I couldn’t find a good quality video of Stevie doing it, you’ll have to do with George. Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to know what a whole club of George Michaels looks like, this is the video for you! The lyrics (the words to the song) contain lots of uses of ‘as’….as you can hear and see 🙂

The first rule of Date Club is…

You do not talk about yourself all the time.

As the opposite sex likes to be the focus of attention, it is good to keep the conversation on them (particularly if you are a woman). Secretly, we’re all egomaniacs and your date would be as pleased as punch at the interest you would give them.

The second rule is…

You do not talk about your Ex-partner.

The worst thing to do when on a date is to talk about any previous boyfriends or girlfriends. This would naturally lead to comparisons like, “She/He is not as tall as you” or “You are just the same as him/her”. Your date would be as dead as a doornail.

The third rule is…

If someone seems disinterested within half an hour, call it game over.

It may be that your job as a bartender or life as a student might not be what the other person is looking for. Or maybe there’s just not that initial first spark. Whatever it is, it is as plain as day when someone’s just not interested. It’s different if you have to spend time together, for example working or studying, but usually people do not have that much patience on dates.

The fourth rule is…

Only two people to a first date: just you and your potential love interest.

People might say that a double date is better for a first meeting, but unfortunately it will just add that added pressure and prolong any bad dates. As your friend gets the drinks, you could be left alone with the other two who might either ignore you or it could lead to awkward silences. You would have to be as cool as a cucumber to handle two at once.

As Idioms

As pleased as punch
very happy about something
As dead as a doornail
When something is definitely not possible anymore
As plain as day
very simple, understandable
As cool as a cucumber
calm, not nervous
As quiet as a mouse
someone who is very shy and introverted

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