Goodbye Vocabulary: Farewell, Miss Coppins

Saying goodbye to a true friend can be difficult and there are lots of different ways to say it that you can find out below.

Whenever we have to say farewell to a member of the SGI staff, it’s always a sad occasion. However, there’s always the knowledge in the back of our minds that actually it might not be the last time that we see them. The majority of teachers who leave, come back because it’s a great school to teach in. So, whenever, we see someone off, it’s more a case of Au Revoir…and they actually return with more experience and are even better teachers than before…if that’s possible!

When I first started working at SGI a few years ago, it was nice seeing friendly faces to settle in. Amy was one of them. I can’t exactly remember how we got talking, but whatever happened, it was the start of a great friendship. Her friendly nature and ability to get on with everyone really made her such a lovely person to hang out with. She also became the unofficial leader of the teachers and everyone saw her as such even when she wasn’t at school.

We did have to say “so long” to her on a few occasions, but those were for only short periods. We stayed in touch, so we always knew she would come back. She had projects in Syria to promote photography and give kids over there an opportunity to express themselves with it who would never normally have the chance. So, having a heart of gold was also one of her other endearing qualities. As was stealing all the crisps from people’s lockers, intentionally getting colleagues into trouble and borrowing money and not paying it back. 🙂

The truth is, now that she’s going for good to Bristol with her future husband, we will certainly be sad to see her go. It’s been great knowing her and we wish her all the best. At times like these you don’t really know what the best thing to say is. Of course there’s the standard ‘take care’, ‘keep in touch’ and ‘see you soon’. I would normally say something cheesy and silly, like ‘see you later, alligator’. But I know her response would be ‘In a while, crocodile’. As you can see, we are all very mature at SGI!

We’ll certainly be giving her a good send-off, no matter what. So Amy, my partner-in-crime, “take care, keep in touch and see you soon!”

On another sad note, Jenny, our beloved social programme co-ordinator, will also be leaving to work at SGI India. Again, she’s been a mainstay within our merry group so she’ll also be sorely missed, particularly by our social-loving students. However, just like all the other teachers in the SGI family, we won’t lose touch because she is coming back in 6 months!

(If you studied at SGI and had Amy or Jenny as your teacher when you were here, maybe you could leave them a nice goodbye/thank you message in the comments section below.)

Goodbye Vocabulary

To see (sb) off
to accompany sb to the point of departure for a trip and say goodbye upon departure
To be sorely missed
to really miss someone
A send-off
a demonstration of affection when saying goodbye to someone – sometimes a party
To go for good
to leave permanently
To stay in touch
keep in contact
To lose touch (with somebody)
to no longer communicate with someone

Expressions when someone leaves

It has been nice/great knowing someone

To be sad to see someone go

To wish someone all the best

Ways to say goodbye

So long


See you later

Take care

Keep in touch

See you later, alligator (response: In a while, crocodile)

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