Goodbye to the super, the smashing, the great Harry Potter

You’ve either read the book or seen the film. It’s been part of our lives for over 10 years. And now this remarkable story is finally coming to an end. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 is here, the last ever one of the boy wizard. London has been lucky to host the fabulous premiere of every film of the series, and it was no different with this. Except that instead of the usual venue of Leicester Square, it took place in the much bigger, Trafalgar Square.

The new venue

As Leicester Square is going through a revamp, it was spectacular to see this event held in Trafalgar Square – the magnificent stage, the stars, the cameras and the fans must have made it an amazing occasion. What was even more incredible was the amount of people who were waiting to see the stars, and how long.


I walk past the Square everyday and started to notice these unbelievable fans on Monday. What I didn’t realise was it was because of Harry Potter – and that wasn’t going to be until Thursday evening! When eventually Thursday came around, I couldn’t believe how many people were there in the morning. The queue stretched around the National Gallery to the back, and up to Leicester Square. I had never seen anything like that before in my life. It was astonishing. Thankfully, all the main cast and J K Rowling herself were there, apparently signing autographs for over 3 hours – and in tears.

The films

I’ve recently been watching all the films and although the special effects have been breathtaking, I wasn’t totally captivated. However, this last film is meant to be outstanding. I can also appreciate the exceptional fans. To come from all over the world, like from the USA, Japan and Argentina, and wait for over 4 days in the traditional British rain – you just have to admire that. Oh, and dressed in wizard outfits!

Gone, but never forgotten

Even though the end is here for Harry Potter, its impact has been extraordinary; therefore the legacy of it will always be part of our history.  It had cast this spell over millions of people worldwide and you can’t imagine life without him, the other characters, and their wonderful adventures. Marvellous, enchanting, and above all else, magical.

Positive adjectives:

worthy of notice or attention
exceptionally good
impressive display
superb or very fine
very good, in a surprising way
so good, like impossible
hard to believe how good something is
more amazing
amazingly beautiful
superior, excellent
much more than what is usual
like exceptional, outstanding
excellent, great
gets your attention in a special way
like wonderful
like wonderful, in an exciting way

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