Giving to Charity: Real British Conversation

English native-speaker teachers having a real British conversation about giving to charity in relation to this recent tragic story.   In this podcast, Charlie and Bren talk about different aspects of donating money to charitable causes. In English textbooks, CD recordings usually don’t sound authentic because they are recorded with actors in recording studios – a completely unnatural environment. With this podcast, you will be able to hear the difference straightaway, as it’s just two friends having a chat in completely natural English without any plan or script.

Pod Subject: Giving to Charity Pod People: Charlie Allen & Bren Brennan     Go to a list of all our podcasts       If you want to hear Charlie talking in another pod (about English Gentlemen), click here   NOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THESE PODCASTS FREE FROM iTunes. Click on that link OR follow these instructions….

How to download from iTunes

  1. Open up iTunes
  2. Go to iTunes Store
  3. In the SEARCH box (top right) write ‘Real & Relevant’
  4. Click on the SGI Symbol
  5. Click on SUBSCRIBE FREE

If you want to improve your English vocabulary & listening skills and you can’t speak with native speakers all the time, this is a good way to hear normal British English as it is really spoken.

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