Get the rhythm of English

One way of getting familiar with the rhythm of English is by reading, and perhaps more importantly, reciting poetry. You might even be able to quote extracts and impress all those around you! Don't worry if you don't understand all the words. Feeling is more important than meaning here. This will make you more comfortable with the rhythm of English, where words don't carry equal stress. It's a way into English culture and will give you a better understanding of language at its best. You can make yourself a folder with 'My favourite poems' and practise reading them aloud in your free time! Extract from a poem below: From Tarantalla by Hilaire Belloc And the hip! hop! hap! Of the clap Of the hands to the swirl and the twirl Of the girl gone chancing, Glancing, Dancing, Backing and advancing, Snapping of the clapper to the spin Out and in– And the ting, tong, tang of the guitar!

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