Get Lost in a Good Book – 7 Tips

Why should you read books in English?

Do you want to become better at English as quickly as possible? Of course you do! Do you know that one of the best ways to do this is to study and use English outside class? Of course you do! Do you have lots of time and energy to study grammar books and do exercises? Of course you don’t! One common suggestion is to read novels in English. This has the major advantage that you don’t have to be sitting at a table studying. You can do it on the bus to work, in a cafe, on the sofa or in bed before going to sleep. They are also quite easy to find nowadays. Many larger towns have bookshops with English sections or foreign language bookshops and if not there is always Amazon! For more details on which book to choose read this post.

How can it help me?

There are several ways in which reading books can help your English.

  1. It helps you learn new vocabulary by seeing and understanding them in context.
  2. It helps you subconsciously learn new grammatical structures.
  3. It helps you subconsciously absorb how native speakers express themselves which stops you translating word for word from your own language.
  4. Your ability to read quickly and in quantity will improve.
  5. Your ability to write in English will improve.
  6. Your general confidence will increase.
  7. As a result of all of the above your motivation to learn English will also shoot up.

So the next time you want to are too tired to study English but want to improve, go and buy a book. It’s magic!

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