Future Perfect Tense – Kate will have had her baby by next week

  We use the Future Perfect in English to say that an action or event will be completed/finished by a specific point in the future.     Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is 9 months pregnant about to have a baby. If you didn’t realise that, then get ready for a media blitz like you’ve never seen when the new heir to the English throne is born in the next few days. Nobody knows exactly when the baby will arrive, but as it is already 2 days overdue, I think it’s safe to say that Kate will have had her baby by this time next week.   There are some other sure bets that we can make about the future for the royal prince or princess.

  • Before the baby is 3 months old, The Royal couple and their baby will have posed for photographs with some famous photographer like Mario Testino.
  • When the new heir to the throne is 18, he/she will have been photographed thousands of times.
  • By the time the new baby is 60 years old, the Queen and Prince Charles will have died.

We can also use the future perfect when we are talking about the present moment to talk about something that is predictable that has already happened.

  • The hospital will have already made special plans to deal with the royal birth
  • Kate and William will probably have already chosen a name for the baby.

Can you make some more predictions about the future for the royal baby (by a certain time in his/her life)??? Please leave a comment below.    

Future Perfect Pronunciation

When you SAY a future perfect sentence, it’s extremely common to contract the helping verbs will and have. It is even possible to say the subject + will + have into one sound of connected speech. Click on the grey player below to hear how to say the sentences. Future perfect Pronunciation

  • 1. I will have finished by 5pm tonight 2. I’ll have finished by 5pm tonight 3. I’ll’ve finished by 5pm tonight 4. You will have finished by 5pm tonight 5. You’ll have finished by 5pm tonight 6. You’ll’ve finished by 5pm tonight 7. He’ll’ve finished by 5pm tonight 8. She’ll’ve finished by 5pm tonight 9. It’ll’ve finished by 5pm tonight 10. We’ll’ve finished by 5pm tonight 11. They’ll’ve finished by 5pm tonight

Future Perfect Contractions Pronunciation

/jʊələv/ or / ju:ləv / (depending on accent)
/hɪələv/ or / hi:ləv/ (depending on accent)
/ʃɪələv/ or /ʃi:ləv / (depending on accent)
/wɪələv/ or /wi:ləv/ (depending on accent)

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