Fun Friday – English Vocabulary Special

Learning English without really trying is what #funfriday is all about. We find some of the most entertaining and short, funny videos on the internet. You just watch, enjoy and absorb the English vocabulary. It's learning the language, without really working at it. Everybody likes that, don't they???     How much English vocabulary do you know about pets? DO you know what dogs like to do in their 'free time"? 🙂

English vocabulary special - Fun Friday

    Here is a really cool and funny video about something that we have ALL done at one time or another, haven't we? 🙂 The guy speaking is not a native-speaker of English (it sounds like maybe his mother-tongue is French) but the English is totally correct. There's lots of interesting vocabulary here with words all to do with competition and races.     Don't you just love the eccentric British?   ECCENTRIC – a euphemism (nice way of saying) for saying someone is 'crazy' You might have seen diving at The Olympics. Waterbombing is something similar, but also VERY different. Find out what this word means as it is explained in the video.     Are you interested in architecture and all the specific vocabulary that comes with that? BTW, would you like to live in this house? Could you live in this 'minimalist' style?      

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