Free Drinks with Julia, Oliver! and Funny Zombies

On Monday, Juliet took another big group of students to the pub. I believe this free drink event is somehow the most popular event on the social programme! It definitely was last week anyway… Juliet was taught a little about St Petersburg and Moscow and the differences between those two Russian cities. She also spoke with Nurjan, a pre-intermediate student who wants to take his IELTS (International English Language Testing System) very soon, and so Juliet explained to him the different levels represented by the different bands… There were also conversations about living in a foreign country, dealing with finding accommodation, getting used to the food, meeting people… all the difficulties involved! On Tuesday, Owen managed to find a good deal on tickets for Oliver! the West End show. Oliver! is the story of an orphan in London who gets in with the wrong crowd and becomes a sort of criminal against his will – a classic story by Charles Dickens. Owen had a small crowd of 4 people only, as I said, the pub was the most popular event this week, but the small group very much enjoyed the show! Finally on Thursday, I took over LG9 to show a British comedy starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (2 actors who often work together). It's a very funny film about a guy whose life is a little slow and boring, and his girlfriend cannot take it anymore, so she leaves him – but the next day, the country is overtaken by a strange illness, and people turn into zombies! Shaun and his best friend decide to organise a rescue mission and borrow Shaun's step father's Jaguar to pick up his mother, his ex-girlfriend, and her horrible friends, and heads for the safest place in his mind… the Winchester Pub. It's pure British comedy, and the students enjoyed it although they did say it was a bit strange. Well, it is English humour, it's dark and a little crazy! This week we head back to the pub with Juliet on Monday, then for a big walk in the city with Owen, and finally to a photo exhibition on the South Bank followed by a walk through the Christmas Market on Thursday, with myself! Join us!

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