‘For’ meanings: The Bad News for Bear

'For' can be used lots of different ways in English. Look out for the different 'for' meanings in the text and then read the explanations below.  

For those of you who don’t know, one of Britain’s best-loved exports of TV is the brilliantly named Bear Grylls. His show about survival in the wild, called Man vs. Wild or Born Survivor (as it’s called in the UK), has been running since 2006 and it was unique to TV. Unfortunately, his employers, The Discovery Channel, had some bad news for him, as he has now been sacked. Apparently the company and Bear could not agree on a contract for a new programme. Therefore they have just decided to end all association with him. Bear’s goals have always been to bring challenging and interesting shows for many of his fans around the world. He’s taken a lot of risks doing crazy, extreme things and anyone who has seen his shows can confirm that he is one crazy man. But fun to watch! Some of things had him heading for the desert and surviving by drinking urine from a rattlesnake’s skin, and wrestling alligators, eating deer poo and disgusting insects. He did these things to show the world how to survive, using things that can only be found in the world – hence the drinking and eating of all these nasty things! These extreme things have also attracted him several Hollywood fans such as Will Ferrell and Jake Gyllenhaal, who have also joined in with some of his adventures. However, it has not always been positive for Bear. He did apologise for misleading viewers in 2008 when it appeared that he was left in the wild for a period of many days. In reality, he stayed in a motel. Additionally, one adventure included him trying to obtain some honey from a beehive. Unfortunately for him, the bees were not happy and he got stung in the face. Moments later, his face started to swell for being allergic to the stings. It actually got so bad that he couldn’t see. However, for all these problems, he’s still respected. I’m sure that another channel will ask him to make more interesting programmes because he does have a huge worldwide fan base who are all for his extreme adventures. I actually met him in person as a student of mine from the Ukraine (where he is also very popular) saw that he was doing a book signing in London. He seemed like a very nice guy and my student was extremely happy to get a photograph with him and a signed book. Not just for him, but his friends too!  


To swell
to become larger than normal, usually by a collection of liquid
To sting
to prick or wound with a sharp-pointed, often venom-bearing organ
To mislead
to make people think something else that is not true


'For' meanings

    Directed at, giving/receiving something “…had some bad news for him” “Bring…interesting shows for his fans” “Not just for him…”   Going towards (something or somewhere) “…heading for the desert”   Supporting (opposite of against) “…who are all for his extreme adventures”   Because of ( + noun or verb-ing) “…his face started to swell for being allergic to the stings   Over a period of time/distance “…he was left in the wild for a period of many days”   Despite “…for all these problems, he’s still respected”    

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