Football, Tate Modern, Drinks, Afternoon Tea and Bowling!

Monday saw Ben and me taking a few students to the pub for the usual welcome drinks and chat. There was a lot of confusion between what the difference between beer and cider was when one of the students asked for a cider thinking it was the same. There was also a lot of chat about IELTS and whether it’s possible to go from an intermediate class to IELTS 7 in 6months. The general consensus was that it would be hard but that if they put the work in outside of class by practicing their English, doing extra exercises, using the SGI e-learning system and more then maybe there was a chance.

On Tuesday Danielle took some students for afternoon tea, everyone was excited and looking forward to scones and clotted cream but unfortunately, due to a mistake on my part, when they got there Browns was closed! That didn’t stop them though so Danielle took them to the National Portrait Gallery for some tea. It wasn’t quite the same as having a traditional one but everyone seemed to enjoy it and they all forgave me as long as I include it into the social again soon.

On Wednesday Ben took the students bowling, and a source tells me they were surprised Ben didn’t win the first game after all is his bragging about being amazing! Serves him right as far as I’m concerned! Everyone had a great time and stayed out later than usual with a couple nursing a hangover the next day.

On Thursday we had two socials! Marija took a select few to the Tate Modern and Charlie took the boys to go and beat ex-teacher Gavin at a game of footie.  Charlie and the SGI team were beaten by Gavin and his boys 15-11 despite a valiant effort in bitterly cold conditions. Next time guys!  And then Marija some of the other students to St Pauls and they walked over the Millennium Bridge as she explained some of the history to them. They went around the second floor of the Tate Modern gallery and gave their impressions on a lot of the art. They were even joined by an ex-student along for the ride.


Enjoy the Valentines Festival if you’re going tonight and have a great weekend and see you all Monday!


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