Fish n chips in London

Nothing is as British as Fish n Chips.   A popular Fish n’ Chip shop in Essex has been in a legal battle with Warner Bros over their name. Scooby Snax has been using their name for over 8 years. It refers to the favourite treat of a popular cartoon character called Scooby Doo. As the chippie  can’t afford to pay thousands of pounds for a court course they have decided just to change their name to Johnny Mac’s Plaice. Hopefully, locals won’t care about the change of name and continue to eat their chip butties and battered cod at the award-winning chip shop.

Fish n’ chip shop language

chip shop
a shorter version of fish n’ chip shop
a slang version  of the above
a type of fish
chip butties
a chip sandwich
battered cod
a type of fish which is covered and fried in batter (flour, eggs, milk)

To become truly English you need to know what to order in a fish n’ chip shop. Fish n’ chips are well-known but what about all the other things on the menu?

The menu


a popular fish which is good for frying
a relative of the cod but which is smaller
a large flat fish
Lemon Sole
a more expensive type of flat fish with a slight yellow colour
a large shrimp fried in breadcrumbs (small pieces of bread)
Cod Roe
the eggs of the cod fish
Fish Cake
pieces of fish mixed with potatoes and herbs fried like a hamburger in breadcrumbs
Fish Finger
the same as above except made into a long shape


Steak And Kidney
the most traditional type of pie which contains beef and kidney pieces baked in pastry
Beef And Onion
the same but with beef and sliced onion
Chicken And Mushroom
another variety with a less strong flavour


Sausage (Regular)
a normal sausage which is normally made of pork
Sausage (Jumbo)
the biggest version
Battered Sausage
a sausage covered and fried in batter
a smoked pork sausage with added salt and pepper


Pineapple Fritter
sliced pineapple fried in batter
Onion Rings
sliced onion circles fried in batter
Spring Roll
a Chinese long and thin snack which contains meat and vegetables and is fried
Curry Roll
the same but with curry sauce in


Onion Gherkin Egg   All of these are kept in a jar containing vinegar and spices for a long time.


Mushy Peas
peas that are soaked overnight and become like soup
Baked Beans
white beans in tomato sauce (very, very British!!!)
Curry Sauce
a liquid made of spices that is used as a topping
a sauce made from meat juice
Bread Roll
a breadcake like a small bun that is cut in half and filled
Chip Buttie
chips but in a sandwich

To be really English, you should order: Curry n’ chips Chips n’ gravy Chips n’ mushy peas Scraps  (these are the bits of fried batter which are left from frying the fish and they are free) Scallops (a slice of potato covered and fried in breadcrumbs).

Have a look at a typical London chippie:

If you come to study English in London why not try some of these fish n’ chip shops?

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