Feelings Adjectives: Who’s that outside the school?

Lots of adjectives to do with feelings are highlighted in bold throughout and there is a glossary to help you understand them below the article.

There was a lot of police outside SGI in Margaret Street yesterday. Why do you think that was? Was it because: a)     Josh, our Director of Studies, was furious after a heated debate about hairstyles with Roger, an elderly teacher, and punched him? b)     A group of students were protesting outside classroom LG10 because they were disillusioned about not being able to smoke on the school premises? c)     There was an important summit taking place for English teachers called GR8? d)     A memorial service was being held in the church across the road for a Labour politician, which Tony Blair and Gordon Brown attended? Although the first 3 options sound believable, it was actually option D. Because of the amount of police and cameramen, everyone was at first terrified and then astonished when walking out of school at 3pm.  A few delighted students actually got to see Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, amongst other politicians. They were attending the funeral of Philip Gould, a British political consultant who had close ties to the Labour party. Although a lot of the attendees looked upset (naturally, as it was a funeral), the politicians were surprisingly cheerful. The cameramen were particularly glad when Tony Blair arrived because he shook hands with some members of the public and waved to the cameras. The students who didn’t get to see these ex-prime ministers were quite disappointed, while the ones who did were thrilled. Some of the teachers were actually annoyed by Tony Blair being nearby because of what he did to the country! Although I wasn’t too offended, I was a bit confused as to why people were actually bothered about them. It’s not like people should be shocked or stunned by their presence anymore. However – and I am not saying who – some teachers (and students) were just relieved that the police weren’t there for them (like Josh for punching Roger)! So, who says nothing exciting ever happens at school?

Feelings adjectives

very angry
didn’t get/do/see what you hoped or expected
having no hope
very scared
very surprised
very glad
in a good mood
happy about something
very excited
to constantly disturb
hurt emotionally
not sure why something happens
surprised, can’t move
expecting something bad, but in the end it wasn’t

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