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Katya from Bulgaria

Katya from Bulgaria

IELTS Preparation Course

My SGI story first began in 2009 when I attended the school for the first time. I was only 16 and very worried of leaving my country alone for the first time. This is when my kind and friendly teachers helped me adjust to the London life easier. The atmosphere at school was so friendly and welcoming that I understood right away that there was nothing to worry about.

Since then, I go to SGI every summer and everytime is better!Being at SGI three years in a row, the first two years for three weeks, last for two, I changed many SGI teachers. I find every single one of them a real professional, everyone was capable of making the classes interesting and they all taught me a great deal of new things which I use every day.

SGI is the perfect place to learn English. The teachers and the atmosphere help you learn while having a lovely time and enjoy every minute of studying.

An interesting perspective of the economic world combined with a stimulating teaching style that encourages critical thinking. It totally exceeded my expectations.
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