English spelling quiz – Can you spell correctly?

There is an English spelling quiz for you below, but did you know that in in America right now, the National Spelling Bee annual competition is taking place?

English spelling quiz

This is a BIG thing in the USA – the spelling competition for schoolchildren is even shown on a TV sports channel, ESPN 2!!! To win the grand prize of $30,000, the winner will have to spell lots of uncommon words. In fact, they are usually words that you have never heard of before, like dysphasia, hellebore and zaibatsu!!! There was even an award-winning documentary film made about the kids that do months of training looking through dictionaries to try to win. It’s a great movie and it’s well worth a watch. It’s very entertaining to see the pressure the children are under as they try to correctly spell a ridiculous word.

English spelling Quiz

Here is a spelling test for you to try. The words are MUCH more common than the vocabulary in the USA Spelling Bee. These 10 questions contain some of the most often misspelt words in English…. even by native-speakers. How many can you get right? The problem with spelling questions like this, is that you think you know the correct answer, but then you see something that looks very similar and you begin to doubt how to spell the word properly. So, the best advice is to go with your gut instinct – don’t change your mind! 🙂 Good luk wiv the spelinng…. THAT’S A JOKE! Good luck with the spelling!

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