English short story – Would you like Shakespeare every second?

Here is a lovely English short story for you. The video contains lots of images that will help you understand the speaking. This is a true story that is being reported in ALL of the British newspapers this week…

English short story

but you only get a video to help you understand the English news here on the SGI Student Blog. Yay!  

English Short Story

A man is receiving a quote from Shakespeare every second in his mobile phone inbox. A ‘ping’ or vibrate tells him that he has received a new text message which is the next line of the complete works of William Shakespeare. The whole, unusual story began when Ed Joseph, bought a Sony PS3 from a private, individual seller on the internet (calling himself ‘David Williams’). Mr Joseph, paid £80 for the games console, but he never received the product from Mr Williams. The police said they would not be able to find the criminal who stole his money, so Ed Joseph decided to get his revenge on ‘Mr WIlliams’ in his own special way… by sending him every single word ever written by William Shakespeare – all by TEXT message. He copied the entire works of Shakespeare into his mobile phone. His ‘unlimited texts’ plan on his £37-a-month phone contract, allows Edd to send as many free texts as he wants without paying any extra money. he started sending one line of Shakespeare to the internet seller conman every second of the day. Now, you might think that this would be VERY time consuming, but this is the clever bit. To cut up all 30,000 Shakespeare words into little chunks Ed used a phone app, which does all the hard work for him. Ed simply copies the Shakespeare text into his phone with one single click, then presses ‘send’, but the app chops up the huge text into small 160 word texts before sending. Apparently, ‘Mr Williams’ replied with abusive texts and angry phone calls When Mr Joseph has finished sending all his Shakespeare texts, ‘Mr Williams’ will have received 29,305 messages!   YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: 1. Six things you never knew about Shakespeare 2. Shakespeare, my hero – PODCAST with 2 of the SGI teachers 3. What did Shakespeare’s accent sound like?

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