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1962 is when it all began at SGI English School in London. Being open for business for 50 years is quite a success story and we are humbly proud of all those great memories, happy students and fantastic teachers over the last half-century! How did we do it? By working hard every day to give our students from all over the world what they want – great English lessons in the heart of London!         Even though the best English school opened its doors in 1962, we shouldn’t forget some of the other big events of that year. 🙂 Surely you’ve heard of the people in the pictures below? Something significant happened for all these people 50 years ago, too – it wasn’t just SGI grabbing the headlines!  🙂

1962: SGI opens – but what else happened?

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The Beatles

5th October 1962: Love Me Do was released and The Beatles legend began. Their first record came out in January, but Love Me Do was their first record to really hit the big time.

James Bond

5th October 1962: Dr No released with a Scottish bodybuilder who had never acted before in the lead role as James Bond: Sean Connery would go on to become a Hollywood superstar, but no subsequent role was ever better than the world’s coolest secret agent.   Don’t forget to enter our James Bond Competition, where you can win a Week of free English lessons at SGI here in Central London!

The Rolling Stones

12th July 1962: The Rolling Stones played their first gig at The Marquee on Oxford Street in London (just round the corner from SGI). On 7th April, Brian Jones had been introduced to Michael Philip Jagger and Keith Richards (who was then studying at art college). 50 years later they are still going strong – just like SGI. 🙂

Marilyn Monroe

5th August 1962: Marilyn Monroe was found dead at her home in LA. She was only 36. It was reported that the last person she phoned was President John F Kennedy, who she was rumoured to have had an affair with.

Bob Dylan

August 1962: Robert Allen Zimmerman legally changed his name to Bob Dylan. He also travelled to London in December to play some gigs at London folk venues. One of those was The King & Queen pub in Fitzrovia (just a short walk from SGI, where you can find some of the SGI teachers having a drink on Friday nights).

Nelson Mandela

25th October 1962: Nelson Mandela sentenced to 5 years in prison. However, he spent the next 27 years in jail.

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