English reading exercises: Fun Friday #6

OK, so you want to improve by doing some English reading exercises. Good. You are a fantastic language learner for having the motivation to click and arrive here.

English reading exercise

Maybe you were expecting to find a reading text and questions like you find in an English textbook. Am I right? But Fun Friday at SGI is all about learning English quickly WITHOUT all the hard work. Just enjoy the short films and absorb English. When you watch the videos below, you will be reading some text. Hey, you are improving your English! The best way to learn a language is to be motivated. I hope that you find the reading in the videos below, different, fun and rewarding.

FUNNY – Dog Shaming

A dog does something bad or naughty like destroying a sofa. The dog’s owner writes down their ‘crime’ on a piece of paper. The dog is photographed (or videod) standing next to the paper. That is ‘Dog Shaming’. This is the best example I have ever seen. You MUST watch the last minute of the video – it’s very funny!

INSPIRING – Steve Jobs Moving text

The Apple CEO made lots of cool technological products, but people are also taking inspiration from what he said. Here is a short example with very quick “words to text” Can you read English this quickly? Maybe you would like to see the FULL speech with a complete transcription to improve your reading and listening skills. This is our most popular Business English video about the presentation secrets of Steve Jobs

Reading exercise and a lot of listening

This is a video with more listening than reading, but it’s still quite special. After watching this, then you will probably be inspired to do quite a lot of stuff this weekend. But remember to do at least 5 mins of English learning every day, OK? 🙂     YOU MAY ALSO LIKE our other Fun Friday posts, where real English (not boring textbook language) is easy to absorb…   Fun Friday 1 Fun Friday 2 Fun Friday 3 Fun Friday 4

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