English quiz – What is it?

   Here is an English quiz for you.   You have to watch the video, read the clues and guess what the thing is.   It is not very easy and the obvious answers are not correct, so don't jump to any conclusions too quickly.   I'm afraid that you have to think a bit 🙂  

English puzzle

  Let's just recap on those clues… It is FRESH It is very HOT It is good EVERY DAY On the SGI Facebook and Google+ pages there have been lots of clever guesses about the answer to this puzzle. However, none have them have been correct, so far. So, I gave out another clue to help everyone…   CLUE NUMBER 2: "You can see it, but you can't touch it" Let me give you some of the answers, so that you can keep thinking and maybe arrive at the right solution   WRONG ANSWERS: The sun A shower Coffee Tea Toast     WHAT DO YOU THINK IT COULD BE? Is it too difficult? OK, here is another clue… CLUE NUMBER 3: "It is asleep right now"    

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