English Pronunciation

You may have seen this latest viral posting if you use social media a lot.

Unusually, it’s NOT a funny video about dogs, cats or people falling over… it’s actually an English poem!

It’s all about the difficulty that students of English have with the way that same types of spelling patterns are all said differently in English.

The poem is called ‘English Pronunciation’ by G. Nolst Trenité. In addition to having lots of words (long and short) that cause problems for learners, it also contains some less common words that are not used much at all… these words can even cause problems for native English speakers… as you can see in the video below.

If you can read this poem aloud and say every word correctly, then you probably have better English pronunciation than the majority of native English speakers in the world: I had trouble reading out some of the words and I am an English teacher!!!

You can compare how you say it to how I have read it on the video – look at the Youtube video, the whole poem is written there in the video description.

Good Luck!

English Pronunciation

[Full transcripts]

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