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London transport can be a bit of pain in the a#$@ sometimes. The Tube has lots of people on it and everyone is just trying to go to work or get home, so not many people feel like talking to a complete stranger sitting next to them. 

So people do different things on their commute to try to make life a bit more enjoyable: some people read a book, lots of people stare at their phones, some listen to music on big headphones, many people read the free London newspapers – The Evening Standard and The Metro.

Find out about London culture by listening to SGi teacher Bren and ex-English teacher (but with a great received pronunciation accent) Charlie talking about how they get to work in the UK capital city.



This is a free podcast so that you can hear native speakers in real conversation. So, you can practise your listening skills in a much better way than with an English textbook recording (which is planned, scripted, and usually read out by actors speaking in an unnaturally slow and awkward way).

You can also learn a little bit about London culture and how life is in the UK. Is it different to your daily life?

If you don't understand any of the vocabulary or phrases, leave a comment below (with the time in the podcast that you don't understand) and we will explain what is being said.

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