English mistake by a native speaker – can you spot it?

Students often ask me, "Do native speakers make mistakes in English?" and my answer always is "Yes". When speaking, people can change their mind about something during the middle of a sentence and say something that would be considered an error in terms of grammar… especially if a NON native speaker had said the same. Example:   Here is a true story that happened when I was travelling into SGI this morning on the tube (London Underground). There is a mistake in what the tube employee said – can you find the error?   [superb cats=6]

English mistake by a native speaker on the London tube


  A London tube announcement at Baker Street Station… "People standing at the entrance of the Bakerloo Line, please turn right and move down the platform where there is lots of space. You are blocking the entrance to the platform. If you do not understand the language, please raise your hand and I will arrange for an interepreter. Please move down the platform now before the train arrives" WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MESSAGE???      

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