English listening exercise – LOOK UP viral video

One of the best ways to improve your English is to listen more.

When you listen, you can’t make a mistake! 🙂

There is a great English listening exercise for you below.

This is a viral video about social media which has had almost 55 million views since it was first published a year ago…. so it must be good!

It’s a truly excellent spoken verse/poem by Gary Turk, which, like the best art, will make you think twice about your life.

Follow the steps below to use this listening exercise in the most effective way which will help to improve your English to the maximum!

There is a transcript of the whole poem written by the poet himself under his youtube video… the transcript is written as the first comment at the top of the comments section.

English listening Exercise

  1. First watch the video WITHOUT looking at the transcript
  2. When you don’t understand something, click back and watch about 3 times. If you still don’t understand, don’t worry and carry on watching
  3. Watch WITH the transcript. Read along WITHOUT watching the video
  4. Watch the video again WITHOUT the transcript BUT use the transcript if there is anything that you still can’t understand 100%

[Download transcripts ]

If you like to listen to English pronunciation then you will like this video that uses ALL the words in English that are difficult to pronounce.

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