English grammar: Phrasal Verb of the day 1

What is a phrasal verb in English grammar?

The most simple explanation is…

A 2 part verb, which has a main verb and then a small word added on. These 2 words together give the ‘phrasal verb’ a new meaning.

Common Examples: switch off, come in, sit down, go out

Phrasal verbs can also have 2 extra parts, so that you have 3 words together to make a new verb/meaning

3 part phrasal verb examples: look forward to, live up to, come up with

To start off the phrasal verb series, why don’t we first look at the meaning of a 3 part phrasal verb?


get off with someone

Meaning: to kiss or start a sexual relationship with someone

Example: Jack got off with Claire at the party. They were kissing all night in the corner.

Phrasal verbs are a part of English grammar that you just have to learn. They are very common and native English speakers use them ALL the time when they speak.

You can test yourself on some phrasal verbs in the SGI online English grammar test here 

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