English grammar past present and future – A better me in 2014

At the start of every New Year, people reflect on the past, think about how their life is now and how they would like to live their life in the future… if everything goes according to plan.   So, this is the perfect time of course to do an English grammar past present and future review! 🙂

English grammar past present and future

English grammar past present and future

Completed, finished action. Often, we say WHEN the action happened.
I went to London in 2013.
I didn’t go to Berlin last summer.
Talk about past actions with some importance now.
I have already started school this year.
I haven’t had a beer yet this week.
Use ‘will’ + infinitive to say what we decide to do in the future
In 2014, I will stop smoking.
In 2014, I won’t play games on the internet for more than 30 mins a day.
Something will be finished at a specific time in the future
Before the start of summer I will have lost 3kg

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE English grammar review     Print this pdf to make your own sentences. Or you can write your sentences in the comments section below and a teacher will mark them to make sure you have used correct grammar and vocabulary.

English Grammar Past Present Future – A better me in 2014

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