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Business English Courses London

Business English Courses London

SGI - St George International has a great range of Business English courses designed to help professional working people develop the practical English skills they need for the business world. Students can choose from a morning only group (Business English Mini-Group), a morning and afternoon group (Business English Mini-Group Plus), a morning group with afternoon 1-1 tuition (Business English Combination Course) or take a pure One-to-One course (Individual Business Tuition). 
Learning Business English in London is a great way to boost your confidence in speaking and using the the English you need for the workplace as well as giving you the opportunity to focus on specific business skills such as presentations and report writing. 
Please look at the course information below to discover the various Business English options at our English language school in London. 

Business Course - Mini Group

The Business English Mini-Group course runs for 3 hours in the morning from Monday to Friday (9.15-12.45) and is ideal for experienced professional working people...

St George International Intensive English Courses in London

This intensive course ( 4.5 hours per day) is a great combination of the morning Business English course (9.15-12.45) with a Communication Skills ...

Business English Combination Course

Our Business English Combination courses integrate Business English group study in the morning (3 hours) with tailor-made individual lessons in the...

Individual Business Lessons in London

Our Individual Business English courses are ideal for determined professionals who wish to study intensively. Away from the distraction of a busy office or home life, these one-to...

Things you do in our Business English classes

Teachers plan varied communicative activities to promote dialogue and discussion, for example:

  • Taking part in a case-study where you make a SWOT analysis for a manufacturing company
  • Being part of a team negotiating a contract between a supplier and customer
  • Presenting a new product to potential investors

Our experienced Business English teachers always provide valuable individual feedback on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary at the end of a planned activity.

Business English school in London
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SGI has been giving In-Company Business Training Sessions for over 50 years in London. The group courses meet the language training requirements of global corporations with international workforces operating under the lingua franca of English.

● Training price: £750 per one day of training, equating to 6 hours of tuition time

● Courses are prepared in a bespoke manner to meet client’s individual training needs

● Group Size is limited to 8 participants to ensure sufficient personal attention for each student from the business trainer

● Needs Analysis is carried out pre-course to assess participants’ language weaknesses and requirements

● Detailed Feedback is continuous to the course sponsor during and post training.

● 6 and 12-hour Courses Available: Report Writing,Presentations, Meetings & Negotiations, Telephoning

● To see a list of our many prestigious In-Company clients from a wide range of industry sectors click here.

● To make an enquiry with an SGI Business Accounts Manager, please click here.


One-to-one Business English courses are ideal for motivated professionals who want to boost their English skills in the most time efficient way during a short stay in London. Away from office distractions and/or home life, our private tuition programmes in London give business clients the opportunity to totally immerse themselves in English, practising speaking and listening over long periods and substantially improving business communication skills.

Detailed pre-course needs analysis and language assessment

● Course content is personalised taking into consideration the specific needs associated with the client's profession

● Course objectives are then agreed between the client and the Director of Studies at the start of the course

● All one-to-one business English courses run for a minimum of 1 week.

Choose the amount of lesson hours per week from 20 to 50.

SGI runs 2 different Business English Evening Courses for non native English speakers who already live and work in and around London. The courses are designed to help students improve their already substantial English skills so that they feel more confident communicating with mother-tongue English speaker colleagues during their daily working life in the capital.