English Conversation – English guys discuss clothes

These discussions are brought to you by St George International English School in London.

The people that you can hear talking are native-speaker English teachers at the school and they will be chatting about everyday subjects.

The great thing is that the conversation is absolutely natural and is not modified or altered in any way for English students. This is English conversation as it actually happens in the UK. You can learn English phrases that are used in everyday conversation and hear British accents from people living in London.

We hope that you can develop your listening skills and really broaden your English vocabulary knowledge by listening to these podcasts.


Podcast Subject: Clothes

Pod People: Charlie & Bren

Learn real English podcast

Please leave us a comment to tell us what you think about the podcasts. We are doing them for you to help with your English study, so let us know if there is anything that we can improve….maybe you’d like to hear us talk about a particular subject??? All suggestions are welcome.


1. Royal Family Podcast: What do British people think about the monarchy?

2. Royal Family (Part 2): Are the Royal Family good value for money?

3. Charlie and Bren discussing the idea of English gentlemen

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