Edinburgh….Castles and festivals

Edinburgh always manages to conjure up a slightly brooding mysterious air. Maybe it’s those often dark cloudy northern skies that sit above the famous castle high over the city beneath. Or maybe it’s the TV dramas of the Edinburgh detective, Inspector Rebus, whose investigations take our gruff world-weary hero into the shadowy twilight world of the city’s criminal fraternity. In truth, this small fascinating city is a great place to visit, an intoxicating mix of the old and the new, something for everyone, all under the watchful eye of Edinburgh Castle, which rarely seems out of view wherever you might be standing. Of course the city has become world-famous for its annual arts festival held every summer for a three week period. There are a number of festivals taking place at the same time but the most famous and well-attended is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a festival that has been the launch pad for the successful careers of a whole host of entertainers, particularly comedians.

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