Easy English – Fun Friday #2: Videos and cartoons

Fun Friday is all about easy English…. learning and studying without it feeling like hard work. Just by spending a few minutes of your time here today, you will improve your listening skills, increase your vocabulary, improve your grammar and have a review of the present perfect grammar tense. All that is through videos, images, and a cartoon. Easy, right? 🙂


Here’s a picture of Mark Wagner (the owner of SGI) outside the school on Thursday with his hero, Paul Weller. He was in a VERY famous band called The Jam, and then later The Style Council and is still having a successful solo career…. that’s Paul Weller that I’m talking about, not Mark Wagner. 🙂   Easy English Listen to The Jam   Here is Paul, at his peak performing live in 1982. After that you can see a video with all the lyrics to help you improve your listening skills and learn a little bit of easy English.    

Common English Grammar Mistakes

There were more Common grammar mistakes explained on the SGI Google+ page this week. Here are the pictures below, but for further examples and explanations of the grammar points check out our social network pages.   English mistakes 6 - I will call you tomorrow Common English Mistakes 7 - It is very important Common English mistakes 8 - Smoking is bad for you Common grammar mistakes 9 - I have known him for 3 years


And finally… Here’s another cartoon/short story about The Present Perfect. You can see the image in better quality here   Easy English Present Perfect story     Have a great weekend!

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