Drinks, Walk, Theatre and The Tate Modern

On Monday Jon and Hannah went to the pub with the students for a good old natter and a drink. Terence, one of the longer term students, gave them both a numerological reading based on their dates of birth etc. He told Hannah that she was very well balanced to on the point of boring and that Jon will be remembered.

On Tuesday Owen, Jess and Danielle went on the Jack the Ripper tour of Whitechapel with the students. They saw some of the places where the murderer struck and heard stories of his gruesome killings. Everyone enjoyed themselves and discovered a new side to London. On Wednesday we had a theatre trip to see Singing in the Rain. One of the best Hollywood musicals is now on stage. It’s fantastic, filled with great songs, music, dancing and even real rain! A must see and a really uplifting show. On Thursday Ben took the students to the Tate Modern. They went to Bank and walked over the Millennium Bridge before entering the gallery, which used to be an old power station. They saw some installations and modern art. Some of the students, coming from and artistic background loved it; whilst others couldn’t quite decided if they even thought some of it was art. This evening there is a club night at Tiger Tiger – get your tickets at reception. Have a great weekend and wrap up warm as the weather will remain cold!

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