Drinks, Walk, Globe, Footie, and Strange Medical Things…

The Welcome drinks were back this week, a little later than usual, because the school is so busy that we don't have teachers to spare to accompany the students! They went to the Cock, our local, and were able to discuss their first day in London, and in the school. On Tuesday, Owen got us a great theatre deal: Ann Boleyn the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. £6 for a ticket, a bargain for such an experience, although these were standing tickets, and let's say, the students were lucky it didn't rain! On Wednesday, it was Owen again, accompanied by Kevin, and of course, the loyal poodle, Jess. They went on a walk through the Royal Gardens of London (should I say the "many" Royal Gardens, London is a very green city!) Highlights for the students were the various memorials, to the victims of the 7/7 terrorist attack, and the classic Albert Memorial, as well as Buckingham Palace of course! We also had a second event on Wednesday, lead by Gavin and Charlie. They went to Regent's Park and played a game of football – we had lots of people this week, enough to have a 10 or 11 a-side match! Charlie's team won, by quite a few goals (heard it from Gregor, a German student who played on that team..) Finally yesterday, Shaun took a group to the Wellcome Collection, a museum of strange medical artefacts. Free, just like most museums in London, and unusual. From Napoleon's toothbrush, to Japanese sex aids, including sculptures of what happens to the human body when one eats too much!! This is it this week, and the pictures are not coming in!! Apart from the football ones, as you can see. If you were on any of these events, and fancy sharing your own pictures, drop me a comment and I'll tell you how to send them to me! Next week we have lots more good things, AND a Summer Party! Hope to see you there!

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