Drinks, Sightseeing, The Science Museum and The London Dungeons


On Monday Charlie and I had record attendance for the weekly pub, drink and chat. We even managed to get a couple of freebies from the staff due to our continuous love of Monday afternoon drinks! There was a lot of talk about last Friday’s Valentines Party and speculation as to what the Boat Party will be like this Friday. It seems like we have a few party animals this week! While I was blabbing on about parties Charlie was having a much more manly conversation on strange English sport otherwise known as Cricket!

 On Tuesday Danielle took around 15 students on the sightseeing tour of London hosted by Lost in London Adventures. They nearly missed the guide but made it to Trafalgar Square just in time. They went to Downing Street and ended the tour in Westminster. Everyone enjoyed it despite moments of the guide talking too fast, but he made up for it by offering lollipops to anyone who answered his questions correctly!
Ben and a few others experienced the wonderful world of science on Wednesday, on a trip to the Science Museum. Despite telling them that the interactive kids part was the best because you get to see what you look like when your old, they bypassed it completely to see the more serious aspects of science. Ben and Clemence played a game to do with distributing power, they did try and explain it to me, but honestly I had no idea what they were saying!

Charlie took a brave few to the London Dungeons on Thursday, which is a new addition to our weekly social programme.  They queued for 45minutes to get in, but the experience was worth it. They traipsed around seeing all sorts of gory and scary images and went on the ride at the end which took them up high towards the ceiling, where some nooses were hung, and then dropped them really quickly without warning to the floor! Everyone loved it.

Enjoy the Boat Party this evening if you’re going, otherwise have a lovely weekend and I will see you all Monday.

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