Drinks, Musical, Tea and a Walk!!!

This week started off with a bang when Jon and I went to the pub. Usually we have a maximum of 30 students but this week we had over 50 of them which was great fun until I had to work out who was drinking what once we got the orders in! We talked about English Ales and wine. The latter not being to anyone's taste according to one of our students! We discussed France and it's beautiful countryside. On Tuesday we had another viewing of the fabulous Lion King. With it's amazing costumes, great songs and beautiful colours, everyone who has ever been to see it comes back having had an amazing evening. I may just have to go see it again! Jon  went for some traditional afternoon tea with 10 of the students on Wednesday. They learnt how to pour tea properly and apparently everyone loved the scones the most with the clotted cream and jam. It's great value as they give you cucumber sandwiches, a selection of cakes and scones to share. Owen and Melissa went on a walk around London talking about its 2000 year history. They discussed the different layers of London and what it has been through over the years. They saw a beautiful sunset and when the walk ended Melissa took them to The George pub in Borough which is where Shakespeare used to drink. Have a great night at the rainforest cafe and see you all Monday.  

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