Drinks, Museum, Wet Walking Tour & Very Wet Theatre!

Monday Drinks!

Last week, Gavin and Amy (a returning teacher who spent some time in Syria teaching and travelling) took the students to the pub for the weekly welcome drink. As usual, conversations about London life took place, and students (old and new) were able to meet each other – It's always nice to have an easy way of meeting people when in a foreign country away from your own friends and family! Tuesday's Museum: Little change of plan on Tuesday… Due to the tube strike, we were not able to take the trip to the Tate Museum as planned, as it would have taken too long to just get there… So Gavin and Charlie improvised and took the students to the Wallace Collection, a short walk away from the school. The Wallace collection is a national museum in an historic London town house. In 25 galleries, you can admire displays of French 18th century painting, furniture and porcelain with superb Old Master paintings and a world class armoury. Not exactly Modern Art, but very enjoyable! Wednesday's Walking Tour Despite the torrentual rains (aah lovely British weather) Owen and Amy took about 18 students through the puddles with the poodle (Owen's dog – who was NOT happy) to do the Under the Bridges Walking tour, learning about the history behind (or under) the London Bridges! Wet, but interesting outing! Thursday Theatre: Owen once again worked his magic and managed to get 6 students tickets to the musical "Sweet Charity" at an amazing discounted price (£18.50 instead of £55.00!!) "Sweet Charity" takes you back to the "swinging sixties" in New York and tells the adorable story of Charity, who keeps falling for the wrong men… Fantastic songs and stunning dancing to top it off! Great for all levels of English and enjoyed by all… On Thursday night, Gavin also took a big group of students to play a football match against Avalon School… See Gavin's post for the result… And check out the pictures on the SGI website!

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