Dressing up vocabulary: Halloween costumes

To help with the difficult vocabulary, there is a glossary at the end of the article for the words/phrases highlighted in bold.

Regardless of whether you are into Halloween or not, you probably can’t have failed to notice that celebrities around the world were trying to push their profiles over the last few days at VIP Halloween parties around the world. Donning the best, most flamboyant, or most controversial costume is guaranteed to get you some column inches and possibly result in some celebrity endorsement work or a role in the latest Hollywood C-list spoof movie. However, these days, of course, you don’t have to rely on the paparazzi thinking that you are A-list enough to be worth photographing, you can just publish yourself through twitter as many desperate Z-list celebrities did in the last 48 hours.

Heidi Klum, one-time supermodel, wife of Seal (not a seal, but Seal, the singer, of course) and now Project Runway TV host is the unofficial Queen of Halloween. This year she hosted her 12th Annual Halloween party in Las Vegas. Her costumes have become more and more elaborate over the years and this time around she posted photos of herself throughout the day to give her twitter followers a sneak-peek at what she was wearing as her show-stopping outfit was fitted. You can see the undeniably impressive end result in the video.

The next night, she outdid everyone again with her Planet of the Apes inspired get-up (see pic below).

So, now it seems that to get into the spirit for Halloween, dressing up as a ghoulish figure with a frankenstein mask, black wig, Dracula fangs or some gory make-up, just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

You have to opt for a look that is not only inventive, but must take hours to create by a team of Hollywood make-up professional artists. So, next year when you are thinking about your ensemble make sure you’ve got a budget that runs into thousands of pounds. Otherwise you might as well just stay at home with the lights turned out so that all the trick-or-treaters in the street think that you are not at home because you’re an A-list star at the most incredible party. However, have you seen the end of the video? That party doesn’t really look like it’s kicking off, does it? In fact, I’d say it looks f*@£ing boring!

Vocabulary Glossary

push their profiles
promote yourself
Donning a costume
to put on a costume
column inches
term referring to space in a newspaper
spoof movie
a film that imitates a previous film in a humorous way
a BIG star that earns the top salary and everyone is interested in, e.g. George Clooney
not quite a big star, but is despearately trying to be one
people know about this person, but are not really interested in them
complicated in design or planning
a quick look at something that is secret
show-stopping outfit
a dress or some type of clothing that is so incredible that everybody has to look at it
past form of to outdo sb: to be more successful at sth
synonym of costume
adjective of ghoul: an evil spirit that feeds on dead bodies
isn’t going to cut the mustard
idiom meaning not good enough
opt for a look
choose a costume
an outfit or costume
children that knock on your door on Oct 31st asking for sweets
kicking off
to be very exciting

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