Design at the V&A, Drinks with Melissa, non-live Music and NO Walk!!

This weeks' events! On Monday, Melissa took around 15 students to the pub and offered them their weekly free drink. They chatted about going out in london and the different trendy places, the East End, Soho, the West End… And they also chatted about the personality requirements for being a teacher. The students were quite interested in that, so Melissa told them what she believes: You have to genuinely like people, you can't be fake, you have to be "real". And also tolerant, accepting lots of different things from lots of different people. If you don't have these traits, you will find it difficult in the long run.

On Tuesday it was Julia's turn to entertain, by taking a rather small group (4 people) to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Usually, students wander around the museum, and then discover the jewellery. This week however, they went straight there, it's usually the students' favourite part of the museum… And it didn't let them down, they enjoyed it. Finally, they moved on to the Japanese section, and Jolan, the only French student surrounded by 3 Japanese ones, was said to be very impressed by the old armours and swords. On Wednesday, we tried something new: a Blues Bar, with live music. To start with, I only had 3 students waiting for me outside the school. Then when we got there, the scheduled had changed, and the barman announced that the band would only start at 9.45pm!! It was 6.30pm at this point… Well we had a drink, and we did listen to some blues… on the stereo! Oanna & Anna, from intermediate were there, as well as Hiro, a pre intermediate student, who seemed a little confused surrounded by 3 very talkative girls!! We had a good time anyway, chatting , laughing, and taking bad photos! Finally yesterday, Owen was back and ready to treck through the history of London. BUT: The walk was cancelled for lack of students! Again, only one was waiting, and Owen and Oanna decided to report the walk. I think it's a real shame because Owen's walks are really interesting, you get to learn things that the guide books don't tell you about, and Owen's a great guide! Well, it's the students' loss! The week is now over, I'm off to the South West of England for the weekend, to enjoy the lovely sunshine in the countryside! Have a great one and see you next week!

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