Crowded Pub, Strange Medicine, Walk and Football 5-a-side

This week in the social programme: On Monday, as Amy walked out of the school to meet the students and take them to the pub, she wondered whether the free drinks had not just become famous in London and if ALL the people eagerly waiting were ACTUALLY students! There was a BIG crowd: around 30 people, which could be a record, especially in January… Anyway, she bought them all their free drinks – the more the merrier – and as there were a lot of Brazilian students, and Amy is just back from a 5 weeks holiday in Brazil herself, they had a chat about the country and what is best: the south or the north? They ended up settling for Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo which are quite central… Amy also tried to impress the students with her Portuguese, but they were not really impressed, and laughed at her!! Not nice!! On Tuesday, Julia was relieved to see 10 people waiting for her in front of the school to visit the Wellcome Collection – a museum displaying "interesting" medical contraptions. On her last social a few weeks ago, she was supposed to take a group bowling but no-one showed up and the event was cancelled – she thought that maybe it was because the students didn't like her!! So she was proven wrong – good! The highlight of the visit, she told me, was probably the model of a very overweight person, right at the entrance, sort of showing what would happen if we let ourselves go and just eat and eat and eat: eventually, our head would disappear under shoulders and fat, as well as our arms… brr, gruesome!! Other items such as tools used for amputations (cutting of arms or other limbs) were equally frightnening! But the displays were interesting, with lots of interactive ones, very practical for learning part of the body. On Wednesday, Owen and Jess, his loyal puddle, took a group of around 10 students on a walk along the River Thames, and under its bridges. It wasn't raining, which is always a plus in London, and they had a good time learning about the stories and history of London. Finally, on Thursday, Gavin and Charlie were back on the football pitch, not in Brixton this time but near Chiswick, West London. It was a little bit of a longer journey but they got to the pitch in around 40 minutes. They quickly started their game and Charlie's Chumps ran away with the first half, with a score of 8-4 against Gavin'd G-Force. During the second half, G-Force manage to gain back some terrain and equalize at 15 all, but the Chumps finally took the victory with 17-15 at full time.  Both teams were very close to each other this week and they had a good game! Revenge for G-Force next time! Oh and thank you to Jenny for taking all those pictures!! Next week we'll be obviously going back to the pub on Monday (since it's so popular!) and on Tuesday Amy will take you to Browns for a "delightful" afternoon tea! On Wednesday, it's scary night with "Ghost Story" at the Palladium Theatre (£12.50 a ticket – thanks Owen) and finally there'll be a visit to the National Portrait Gallery with Gavin on Thursday. See you then, and enjoy your weekend!

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