Cooking Up a Great Business Course

Students: The Essential Ingredients! Take between four and eight students with a level of English in the range of strong Intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1). They can typically be of any age, nationality and business sector. SGI Business English students enjoy the best of both worlds.  For part of their course they follow a more rigid, structured book based  learning, but in the other half of the day they focus on developing real needs and business skills such as presentations, meetings, negotiations, making successful telephone calls, report writing or e-mailing. The recipe of the course is always changed according to the individual wants and needs of each student. Just like preparing the perfect meal, learning and improving skills needs time and a personal touch! A Recipe for Successful Presentations

  1. Utensils: pen and paper, copies of materials, TV and DVD player, recording equipment
  2. Chop the idea of presentations into bite-sized chunks: introductions, stating the purpose, main body of the presentation, conclusion etc and study each area in turn.
  3. Season the presentation with the unique vocabulary, needs and ideas of each individual learner.
  4. Marinade for full flavour with some special presentation skills techniques such as rhetorical questions and intonation practice.
  5. Great dishes only come with practice and the same can be said for presentations.
  6. Taste the dish! What could be better than having experienced diners (the other students) provide feedback and comments on your efforts?!

Enjoy Your Meal! Just like cooking, learning Business English is fun, challenging and very rewarding. The result is a lot of happy students with a more comprehensive recipe book on English for different, real life business situations. By Daniel Lander, a Business English teacher and enthusiastic cook

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