Complaining on the phone

This blog shows you some useful complaining phrases that can be used on the phone for when you want somebody to do something for you. We start with a letter which describes the situation. Mice are in my house and I want the property managers (an estate agency) to get rid of the problem by using a pest control company. This is the letter they wrote to me after receiving the complaint. Dear Bren, I am sorry to hear that you are still having problems with the mice. Usually two treatment with the pest control company will be enough to get rid of the mice. I have called them and am awaiting their feedback as they only visited the property a few weeks ago. There may be a bigger underlining problem in the building. In the meantime, please ensure that you have no food waste left out in the property that can attract the mice and try to see where they are coming from as we have filled in all the obvious holes. I will let you know if the pest control company is able to visit tomorrow. Kind regards Diane And now here is the follow up phone call containg the complaining phrases. Listen to the conversation first without using the transcript below.

Complaining Conversation

B: Hello, can I speak to Diane Round, please? D: Speaking. B: Hello Diane, this is Bren from Smithville St. I’m calling about the mice problem D: Yes, I sent you an email about it B: Yes, I got it and you said that you would organise for a pest control guy to come round and deal with the mice. D: Yes, that’s right B: Well, what are you doing about it? You said he would come 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened. So when are you going to get them to do something? D: Well, we’ve been trying to contact them B: Well, that’s not good enough. The mice and droppings are everywhere and it stinks and I’ve got a 2year old baby in the house. So, I’m really not happy about this. You’re the property managers and it’s your responsibility. D: I understand your problem B: Do you? D: Yes and all we can do, I’m afraid, is wait for the exterminators to… B: No. I have already waited over a month. I want something done now. So, what is the solution? Why don’t you send round a different company? D: Well, we have a contract with Rentokill, so we have to use them, I’m afraid. So, it’s just a case of wait and see. B: Look. I emailed you first over a month ago and I’ve called several times about this and nothing has happened. How many times do I have to contact you before something actually gets done? D: Well, Mr Brennan, are you making sure that all your rubbish is stored properly where the mice can’t get to it? B: Right, you’re obviously not listening to me, so I’d like to speak to your superior, please. Now. D: I’m sure that I can sort this out for you, Mr Brennan. B: No, I would like to speak to your superior, now please. D: Well, I’m afraid he’s not here at the moment. B: OK, well please give me his name and number. D: It’s Mr Andrews B: Andrews. Yes. And the number? D: 020743 8956 B: Let me read that back 7438956 D: Yes B: Right. Goodbye.

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